The Silkworm – Book Review

The immensely popular, critically acclaimed and bizarrely named private investigator Cormoran Strike is back in this new novel from Robert Galbraith, a name everyone now recognizes as a pseudonym for J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame. The Silkworm isn’t exactly a sequel per se, but it might help for readers to already be familiar with the trials and tribulations of Cormoran Strike and his plucky but long-suffering assistant, Robin Ellacott.

The Silkworm follows the mysterious disappearance of a leading novelist named Owen Quine. Suspecting that he’s just wandered off for a bit, and so understandably unable to get the local police interested in the matter, his distraught wife calls in Cormoran Strike to round up her erstwhile husband and bring him home. Unfortunately for her and for Owen, it seems like there might be more to the situation than a simple case of absent-minded wandering.

Quine’s latest manuscript, an unpublished novel, is filled with little more than brutal caricatures of virtually everyone in his life. If published, it would ruin many lives, which makes everyone he mentions in the book a potential suspect in his disappearance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is later discovered brutally murdered as though in a fit of rage, and Cormoran Strike will have to get to the bottom of it before the ruthless killer has a chance to cover their tracks and escape unchallenged.

Galbraith/Rowling does a fantastic job on mystery novels as we saw in her first Cormoran Strike mystery, Cuckoo’s Calling. She doesn’t disappoint this second time around either, and has crafted a compelling novel that it’s nearly impossible to put down. Strike and Ellacott together make an excellent team, and they will no doubt be back for more adventures in a year or so, once Rowling has had the time to let her fingers rest a bit.

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