The Life We Bury – Book Review

Some authors have it and some do not. Allen Eskens is definitely one of the best authors out there. His book titled ‘The Life We Bury‘ touches our heart on so many levels. His story line is simple and his writing talks of a young college kid. What truly differentiates him from other writers is his ability to put feelings into words.

The book tells a story of a college student named Joe Talbert. All Joe wants to do is finish his assignment. The first step in his assignment is to find a stranger and interview that person. The second step is writing that person’s biography. That’s what led Joe to a nearby nursing home. He needed a willing participant and he knew that the nursing home would be the best place to find one. It is here that he meets a dying veteran. The veteran’s name is Carl. As Joe talks to Carl he learns that Carl is also a murderer.

His crimes had led him to spend almost thirty years in prison. Now that he was dying, he has been allowed to spend his last days in a nursing home. As Joe digs into Carl’s past he finds out surprising truths. The real question is… Is it already too late to tell the world?

A unique blend of realism and fiction. Allen Eskens touches on a number of sensitive topics including the valor of veterans. He uncovers the truth of the horrors that veterans faced in the wars that they fought. Another interesting thought that Allen Eskens brings to light is the fact that everyone deserves a second chance.

‘The Life We Bury’ is a beautiful tale of a young man connecting with veteran. It brings out emotions like love, trust and loyalty despite all the heinous crimes described. Allen Eskens offers an interesting take on the world as we see it. The book is a must read. It’s a story that will move you to tears and renew your faith in the human race.

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