Cub Creek – Book Review

Everyone has problems. Some problems are much bigger than others. In her book ‘Cub Creek‘, Grace Greene tells a story of a troubled soul who prefers seclusion to company. Based in the heart of Virginia ‘Cub Creek’ is a story that catches your attention from the very beginning.

‘Cub Creek’ is all about a lady named Libbie Havens. Libbie is a woman who prefers solitude to socialization. After being raised by a grandmother who abused her, Libbie landed up with a lot of emotional baggage to carry. In fact, some would call it psychological trauma. The secluded house that she finds on Cub Creek is perfect for her but everyone else thinks otherwise. This time Libbie is determined to prove that she is a survivor. Libbie believes that she is different from others. Cub Creek allows her the outlet she needs to make friends and plunge into romantic relationships.

As time passes Libbie finds herself becoming happier. She finds out that her happiness helps her relationships with others improve… Especially her relationships with her family members! Everything goes well till a tragedy strikes! The tragedy causes Libbie to lose her new found happiness. Now it is all up to Libbie! She can choose to be miserable or she can choose to search for happiness once more.

Cub Creek is an interesting story that makes the reader delve in to his/her emotions. It keeps the reader interested throughout and even has a few interesting twists. One thing that Grace Greene gets to perfection is the flaws of the characters. It is the flaws that the characters portray that make them more human.

In her book ‘Cub Creek’, Grace Greene takes us through a story that touches the readers sentiments. It’s an enthralling story about a woman struggling to find happiness. Life behaves as it always does and throws obstacles her way. These obstacles are the very thing that help the reader relate to the characters. ‘Cub Creek’ is definitely a story worth reading!

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