Life’s a Witch – Book Review

There is a good possibility your belly and cheeks will be aching from laughter after reading this outrageously sarcastic, witty and completely hilarious book! Amanda M. Lee has truly outdone herself in the funny stakes with her seventh book in the Wicked Witches of the Midwest series, Life’s A Witch.

This installment finds our feisty protagonist, Bay Winchester living it up with all the witching goodness a witch’s life entails, but that is only the calm before the storm. In flies her great-aunt Willa Winchester, with cousin Rosemary in tow. The two are up to no good, but despite the havoc they start to wreak in Hollow Creek, no one can figure out exactly what it is they are up to.

To make matters worse, Aunt Tillie has had enough of the local kids trying to steal from her property, but she believes in the power of a shotgun more than magic! That is not the best look for her when a young man’s body turns up in Hollow Creek. FBI Agent Landon Michaels discovers the man’s ties to the local drug trade, and Aunt Tillie’s ‘glaucoma medicine’ side business only serves to thrust her further into the limelight she could not hope for. Of course, Landon’s attempts at getting reasonable answers from her are met with Tillie’s characteristic acid wit that leaves him tearing his hair out.

Bay is already distracted with a depressing ghost accusing her of ‘ending party time’, especially because she has no idea what he could mean. In the middle of all this, Aunt Tillie decides to have a conversation with Bay about the guys. As all conversations with Tillie, it will leave you in stitches.

Amanda M. Lee has proven herself time and again to be one of the most amusing and entertaining writers on the scene today, and Life’s A Witch will only cement that reputation.

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