Corrupted: A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel – Book Review

Lisa Scottoline‘s book, Corrupted: A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel, tells a powerful story that illustrates the struggle of a tough female attorney haunted by a case she took over a decade ago.

Bennie Rosato is by no means an average lawyer, she is the founder of Rosato & DiNunzio, and her success in the legal field is in no small part the result of her great skill and her obvious emotional fortitude. But beneath this tough exterior lies a person who deeply cares about truth and justice, a fact clearly demonstrated by her lingering thoughts about a case she handled 13 years ago.

Back then, she crossed paths with Jason Leftavick, a twelve-year-old who was sent to juvenile detention for taking on a bully. She could not help the boy, and that is something she can’t take off her mind to this day. Unfortunately, Jason’s brushes with the law have continued into his adulthood, and he is now facing murder charges for killing the very same bully responsible for his stint in juvenile detention.

Bennie feels compelled to represent Jason once more, but she has doubts about his innocence. She feels like she owes him for failing to get him off in the past, but this also means she has to set out on a quest to find the truth to get things right this time, and ensure that justice is served.

The legal thriller genre is in the right hands with the likes of Scottoline at the helm. This intriguing novel is able to build suspense and show what caring and yet strong heroines can do when they decide to take on ordinary legal tussles and dedicate themselves to uncover the truth and find justice.

With over a dozen books under her belt, Lisa Scottoline still manages to hold nothing back as she weaves an ensnaring legal drama that will leave you wondering when the bestselling author will put out her next page-turner.

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