Divergent Lives – Book Review

Divergent Lives is a psychological thriller written by Minnie Lahongrais who lives in New York. She wrote her first book “Sinner’s Ride” in 2011 and is currently working on “Resurrection of Dead Dreams”, a fantasy trilogy that she plans to launch next year. Divergent Lives is a psychological thriller which also has a sociopath theme and is the story of fraternal twins born to immigrants in New York. They are separated at birth where one lives with the biological parents and the other lives with a religious couple in another state. While both of them grow up to be sociopaths, one among them is also a serial killer.

The story revolves around the twins Adina and RJ, who while separated at birth and brought up in different circumstances, are both sociopaths and have many similar attributes.  The theme of the book realistically describes the nature of sociopaths and what they are capable of. It also helps you understand how the way someone was brought up affects their lives.

RJ has a secret from his past that can enrage him anytime and Adina uses her sexuality to dominate and control men in her life because she fears being hurt because of love. They mysteriously cross paths in New York and this is where the real story begins.

This is one of the most thrilling books ever. The author manages to grip the reader and make them uncomfortable enough to feel something, but not enough to leave the book. The words lure the reader and create this gripping connection that forces them to keeping turning pages until the book ends. With raw explanation of the voices inside the head, the beautifully explained but not easy to understand mind of the main characters, and the horror filled in this book, Divergent Lives is a story you are not likely to forget.

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