A Question of Inheritance – Book Review

A Question of Inheritance is the second of the Very English Mystery Books series. The book is set in an old English town in the early post-World War II era. Elizabeth Edmondson is its author and one who loves writing what she calls Vintage Mysteries. These are books that focus on plots touching on the period between the 1930s and 1950s.

A Question of Inheritance uses a classic 1950s setting in a small English town named Selchester. Despite the period being a transition era following the WWII, the community at Selchester doesn’t seem bothered by events taking place in their surroundings including the rise in murder cases. The novel proceeds from where the first book in the series (A Man of Some Repute) ended.

It begins with a new Earl arriving in the town with his teenage daughters after the late Earl had disappeared at the end of the first novel. He is an American scholar and a poet who does not have much experience in England, save for one occasional comfortable sabbatical at an Oxford college. Following their arrival, the new Earl and his daughters find themselves involved in a strange incident.

Here, they are forced to deal with a haunted castle that even the locals do not want to get near to. It is during this incident that they encounter the late Earl’s daughter whose body turns up in the glass house. By this time, a lot of interest is developing in the castle with various people seeking to get more information about it while others such as Sonia only interested in taking away some pictures believed to have been stored there.

Elizabeth makes an interesting balance between a classic detective story and Cold War intrigue to produce a masterpiece that will keep you captivated along while reading it. The author includes numerous cases of feuds, betrayals of the past and deep-rooted secrets that will keep you hooked to the plot. There are also interesting and unexpected twists that create the much-needed suspense in a mystery novel.

Overall, A Question of Inheritance is a well-articulated mystery novel that will interest anyone who loves reading books in this genre. Elizabeth includes some interesting twists and suspense that will help to keep you engaged and eager to read even further into the book. It is a highly recommended read.

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