The Girl in the Spider’s Web – Book Review

Written by David Lagercrantz this is a continuation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series that follows the story of Lisbeth Salander. The thriller is told in a skillful manner that matches that of the preceding novels in the series. Lagercrantz is able to live up to the standards set by Larsson in the previous books of the series and does the plot and characters justice.

The life of Lisbeth Salander the super hacker continues with her fight against injustice. She is a superb hacker and is vengeful thanks to what she went through when she was young. In this book, her help is sought by Mikael Blomkvist a renowned journalist that is always seeking to unravel the truth. Their meeting is delayed till later in the book keeping the reader guessing and anticipating. When they finally do, it is after they are both called by a source claiming to hold vital information regarding the United States.

Seeking to desperately solve the mystery, Blomkvist seeks help from the super hacker and she obliges. But she has her own agenda. What is this secret? Will they be able to find it? As they try to fill the gaps problems arise with someone ready to go the extremes to keep the secret safe. Witnesses disappear and Lisbeth’s past comes back to haunt her as a shadowy criminal organizations disrupts their efforts.

The Girl in the Spider’s web really is a great tribute to the late Stieg Larsson. By continuing with the life of Lisbeth without changing her vicious nature, Lagercratz really does live up to the expectations of the millennium series fans. The introduction of more characters further broadens the book without losing the initial plot. The book is written intelligently making it into a uniquely crafted thriller that is a fun read for all who start perusing the pages.

Lagercrantz deserves to be congratulated for a job well done. Most who have read this book vote that he should continue with the millennium series henceforth.

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