Never Smile at Strangers – Book Review

A title of a book is the first glance into it’s story. Jennifer Jaynes sure gets the readers attention with the title ‘Never Smile At Strangers‘. Jennifer manages to spin a web of mystery around you. Just when you think that you have figured out what the plot is, she swings a throw ball at you that leaves you wondering what happened!

The story revolves around the disappearance of a young nineteen year old girl. The girl’s name is Tiffany Pearson. That’s when a desperate search is started. As time passes by, another girl is reported missing. The search continues but little is discovered about the girls disappearances. The passing of time leads to more disappearances. The fear that the people in the town feel is real. A killer is wandering through the town and no one knows who the next victim will be.

The story tells of how the killer has been forced to look after his own daughter. It talks of his fears of women in general. It is his fear that makes him kill. That however is not the real crux of the issue… The crux of the issue is will the villagers find out who the killer is?

A gripping novel that will have you at the edge of your seat. Jennifer Jaynes has also written from the perspective of the killer. She describes his fears and his rationale. It gives an interesting view point. The fear of the villagers is real. The story gives us an understanding of why we warn our children about strangers. It personifies that fear and makes it more real.

If you love a good psychological thriller, the you must read the book ‘Never Smile At Strangers’. It is an interwoven plot which describes the personality of the victims as well as the killer. The story line in itself is unique. All these factors together make the book very interesting.

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