Starsky and Hutch Next Gen

Young Detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson take over where their fathers left off, tackling criminals and helping victims in their own unique, fearless way.

They investigate crimes in Bay City, from snuff filmmakers to underground death matches, but their personal lives are just as challenging.

Enter Tasha Brown, Huggy’s daughter and compassionate RN. Enter Mo Morrison, their psychic informant friend who runs a gym. Enter Lucky, their informant/hooker friend trying to go clean.

This book offers 8 dramatic, intense episodes worthy of a Lifetime movie. Some will disgust you, some will charm you, and some will anger you, but all will go by so fast you’ll hardly believe you’ve just read 287 pages.

This is a transformative work not associated with or endorsed by the rights holders to the original Starsky and Hutch.

First-time novelist has taken her fondness for the original Starsky and Hutch to the next level, and the next generation.

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