Ye Gods! a Tale of Dogs and Demons – Book Review

Marine scientist by profession, Lynne Hinkey lives vicariously through her words. She’s not a people’s person, as it reflects in her written work – she’s always been fascinated by the animal kingdom. Deals with marine animals and their dilemmas on a daily basis, she prefers to keep to herself.

While studying at the University of Puerto Rico, she came across a doctoral student who was rather obsessed with the concept of chupacabra. Upon finding a little more about this mysterious creature, she was instantly intrigued to find out more. This is where the idea for her books Ye Gods! flickered in her mind.

Ye Gods! is not her first book, though. She had been writing numerous short stories for many renowned print and digital portals before she published her debut novel titled Marina Melee. She resides with her husband, dogs, and a cat, in Charleston, South Carolina. Lynne also works as a biology professor while she’s not conjuring amazing stories.

Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons is the story of an author named Jack Halliman, and his dog Hanna. Jack has been going through a severe writer’s block, and seeks creative redemption as he makes his way to Puerto Rico in hopes of finally being able to write again. He’s faced with a shock when he comes across a dead body instead of a solution for his writer’s block. What makes this matter strange? All the dead bodies dropping left and right are of animals – dogs, chickens, and other livestock.

The probability of chupacabra haunts the island. Is he a monster? Vampire? A huge dog? Who knows? No human has ever encountered it but they fear it regardless. The responsibility to separate mythology from reality falls on Jack’s shoulders, as the fourteen-year-old “witch,” and detective sucks him into the depth of this confusing case.

Full of mischief and illusion, this book is also a magical collection of how different people perceive the legend of the chupacabra. It’s a fast paced, adventure novel, with amazing incorporation of mystery in a fun, yet thrilling way.

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