Wish to Die

The Greek countryside and a beautiful woman might seem like enough to satisfy anyone’s vacation plans, but the intrepid archaeologist Harry Thursday seems bereft of a good time if someone isn’t trying to kill him.

During WWII, the Russian Amber Room and a hoard of diamonds worth 200 million dollars were stolen by two German agents, Tatiana Kul’Shenko, and SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Theo Muller, from Goring’s Kunstschutz commander, Erich Koch.

Now, over thirty years later, Russian art historian Elina Kulinov – Kul’Zhenko’s daughter – is attempting to recover these items when Harry Thursday stumbles along. He joins her in a race against a nefarious business which runs a Philadelphia art museum, and an ex-Smersh agent.

With everyone looking for the same items, who will find them first? And who will survive?


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