“I wanted to draw attention to the plight of women trapped in abusive relationships, and I wanted to use the setting of the Pocono Mountains in winter, so I combined the two in this novel,” Joanne Weck explained.  “I’ve worked mentoring girls and women who are unable to extricate themselves from abusive relationships, and seen the worst that can happen.  I’ve told this story in the form of a fast-paced mystery.”

According to Dr. Tami Brady who reviewed the book, Joanne Weck has been successful in this endeavor. “CRIMSON ICE draws a chilling picture of the deadly potential outcome of domestic abuse.”

Ed Rand, author of five mysteries published by Deadly Ink Press, said, “This novel has surprising character depth, and a plot that, if convoluted, keeps moving in not-stop action. This story will chill you in midsummer.”

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