Trouble in Paradise – Book Review

What is it about Lyle Howard that we are not aware of already? Florida born and raised, Lyle has made a wonderful living with his wife Riva. His creative outlet has been creative writing for as long as his memory dates back. We already reviewed his first published novel named Mr. Sandman before, and readers who have had the good fortune to come across that marvel will know well what he is capable of.

Ever since his first book, he has been counselling young, budding writers, and throughout his time as a teacher, he was excited to make a comeback to professional writing. Trouble in Paradise provided him with the opportunity for the perfect return.

This book features the inner workings and struggles of a man named Cal Mackey. All he aspired to do was avoid his past and make a tolerable and content living for himself. He discovers that the escape he craves might just be opening a bar in Florida Keys. This bar would be the representation of how he wants to see his life – peaceful. Cal finds his little piece of paradise in his bar as he continues to live light years away from the chaos of war out there. Nobody knows who he is, and nobody asks him all the questions he had been showered with in his past life. He was content.

No peace lasts forever though. The magical world of The Paradise Shack is shattered as the citizens start to disappear. What is causing them to disappear? This mysterious vessel that has creeped up on the docks in the darkness of the night. Cal Mackey is forced to use his highly specific skillset to find out what the secretive ship is all about and why is it kidnapping the patrons. Trouble is, he must now use the same set of skills that shaped his past, the past he has spent a lifetime trying to avoid. As he starts to reveal more and more of this mysterious secret, he is left to believe that what he uncovers is more than the disappearances of the patrons. What he finally discovers leaves him speechless, as he never dreamed of the secret in his wildest dreams.

Trouble in Paradise will leave your minds numb with a spiralling frenzy of questions. It’s still a relatively light read though, peppered with many moral implications and hypothetical scenarios you will be brought down to ask yourself.

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