I Didn’t See This Coming From My Family

Captivating, invigorating, and a descriptive natural journey into the lives of twenty family members residing under one roof in the rural country parts of Oklahoma. Sofay White, a main character tells the story from a perspective form of maturity while unveiling a surreal slur of unforgettable, but hilarious moments while observing her seven uncle’s and eight aunt’s daily lives or habits within: witch craft, betrayal, infidelity, family secrets, potential crime, and sexual preferences. Sofay, an inquisitive child always seemed to be at the wrong place at the right time: laughing, plotting, snickering, and ready to tell. Her mother Geraldine, a woman nearly on the mental side of excuses tries to reiterate to Sofay, the values in life. She teaches Sofay, the right thing to do in accepting and forgiving others who may have done wrong. Meanwhile, Sofay, has been a witness to a lot of mishap from others but she tries to stay in a child’s place though she’s just the tender age of nine years of age. However, in Sofay’s mind it’s entirely repetitive and impossible to stay in a child’s place when so much mishap takes place almost daily on their farm she feels she has no choice but to get involve and stir up drama.

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