Stabbing in the Senate – Book Review

Colleen J. Shogan has served as the deputy director of the Congressional Research Service for years. Despite her political career, she had always been fascinated by mystery and fiction since a very tender age. While studying to become a political scientist, she taught about the American government to the students of George Mason University, Georgetown. This is her first published novel, and she aspires to write more.

Stabbing in the Senate is highly regarded by esteemed critics.  Kit Marshall is a Senate staffer, who works for a renowned personality, Senator Langsford. One day, Kit decides to reach office earlier than usual, and what she finds is unfathomable: her boss harpooned on a shiny steel duplicate of an Army attack helicopter. What she does out of paranoia leave her the prime suspect for the murder. Pulling the weapon out of the victim imprints her fingerprints on it.

Even though all the other evidence and her alibi stands against the claim of her being the murderer, her face is plastered all over the news by the time she proves her innocence. With the actual killer missing, the hype around the incident refuses to tame down. Langsford had decided to vote with his conscience instead of personal gain to serve other powerful forces, which was a decision not widely supported by his party.

He was planning on busting a military major’s vile intentions. In the midst of all the post-murder chaos, Langsford’s widow shows zero signs of grief – which becomes increasingly suspicious by the time’s passing. All the heat inflicted on Kit starts to affect her boyfriend’s uptight family, and is also set to crush each and every career prospect of hers.

The first book in the Washington Whodunit series, Colleen has put great deal of attention to the development of every character. Her first time writing in the every loved genre of mystery hasn’t failed her – in fact, far from it! Her fans are looking forward to reading the second book!

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