Disturbing the dead is never a good idea. Stealing from the dead is an even worse idea. But opening the door to the wizardry of the Rosicrucian Order with ill-gotten spoils from the sands of Egypt – that is definitely the road to hell.

Unsuspecting beneficiaries of a sacred Egyptian papyrus had no idea that this gift was the result of an unholy theft. Proudly displayed in the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum, the meanings within the papyrus’s text had already taken hold.

Not since the filming of “Cleopatra” had such an elaborate depiction of Egyptian life been seen as select members of the Rosicrucian Order celebrated. One member praised his attorney, Mr. Patton for acquiring the papyrus. It was quite the party until Moriah and Veronica were lead into another room. At the swivel of Nefertiti’s statuette, they found themselves inside a temple. Moriah grabbed her new scarab necklace as the evening progressed into a night she would not soon forget.

When employees of the law offices of McCormick, Redding and Patton fell victims to Egyptian sacrificial rituals, they were defenseless. No legal writ could protect them against the powers that had been unleashed.

Clearly, madness was no new plateau for this killer whose victims showed no signs of struggle. No human could possibly be that quick nor that cunning, concluded many of the Bay area citizens. Encrypted with bloody, mysterious messages, the trail again led to the Rosicrucian Order.

As the bodies started piling up, Lt. Mendoza and all San Franciscans were hoping it was the work of a serial killer because the thought that a supernatural force was committing these executions was much too unsettling. Finally, Lt. Mendoza had to unearth the question that plagued everyone’s mind, “Is this the work of a supernatural power or super intelligent madman?”

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