The Search

Stunned by the realization that a simple diary has changed her life and put her in danger, Laura Stone must decide who to trust and how to end the nightmare she is now living.

She has stumbled onto the old diary by chance while sifting through junk in a house she is tasked with selling. Despite the accidental nature of the discovery, she finds she is now being followed, and threatened. Soon, she meets a mysterious and handsome federal agent named Jay and learns the FBI is seeking the very diary she has in her possession.

The contents of the diary lead her on the journey of an entirely different story. One told in pieces, by various authors. Somehow, this diary is supposed to be evidence against a tyrant criminal that has wreaked havoc on lives for forty years. The diary tells about a young girl left with friends while her father goes searching for her mother, and finds a great deal of trouble.

In the end, Laura and Jay must team up to make the best of the situation and try to end the ordeal before anyone is hurt. As they study the contents of the diary, they learn that the owner of the house to be sold is the little girl from the diary, and there is a great deal more to the story than they first thought.

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