Diversion–a Mark Rollins adventure

Almost 60,000 Drug Overdose Deaths; “Largest Annual Increase in American History”—Department of Justice

Diversion’s gripping plot unfolds against the backdrop of the opioid drug crisis in rural America—an anesthesiologist dies, a young girl goes missing, and terrorists plot an attack that could kill thousands or shut down American’s military drones.

The drug crisis is fueled by the diversion of pain medications like Percocet and Fentanyl from their intended medical purpose to recreational use. Pill mills selling prescriptions for cash are showing up in the rural area just outside of music city, Nashville Tennessee. The area is the home of the Bonnaroo Music Festival with some seventy-five thousand attendees and the Arnold Air Force Base which operates the most advanced flight test facilities in the world. Nothing flies, except through Arnold! Both the Bonnaroo fans and the testing facilities are targets that the country’s enemies are willing to die for.

Diversion, is dead-on when it comes to laying out the prescription drug problem, and it is frighteningly prophetic that in this age of software and the internet there are no safe places and no way to hide anymore!

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