MAD Librarian

Think Breaking Bad: the Library Edition. A small-town librarian has her funding cut off, and steals to keep her library alive. Half of all income goes to the Awesome Foundation for Innovation in Libraries.


Cayocosta72 Reviews said,


This book is truly every librarian’s dream come true. After fighting budget battles over and over again, librarian Serenity has lost her library funding. What’s a librarian gonna do? How about ripping off the city that’s ripping off its citizens? Serenity begins helping herself to the funds that local politicians have been setting aside for their own personal “rainy day “. With the money she amasses she can build a library to thrill readers everywhere. Problem is, those politicians aren’t too thrilled to see their money disappearing and they plan to do anything to get it back. Why in the world are libraries always under threat? A funny, moving story of our most precious institutions under threat.” 

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