Out of the Silence: A Charlotte Cunningham Mystery

In Out of the Silence the murder of humans in bondage takes place among the beauty, grace, and wealth of the antebellum town of Madison, Georgia in 1848. Charlotte Kate Cunningham, the daughter of the local doctor, and a young doctor who recently joined her father’s practice, Dr. Deron Fairbanks, become embroiled in the well-kept secrets of the small town.

Isabella Dickson, the wife of a plantation owner, has been disappearing for long periods of time and not remembering the episodes. The sudden death of Isabella’s husband, Fletcher, and the hanging of three slaves in a meadow bring further distress to the town. Dr. Fairbanks works with Sheriff J.D. Ponder to find the killers as Charlotte tries to help Isabella remember what happens when she disappears. Finally, Dr. Virey, a mesmerist from Atlanta, explores Isabella’s memories and uncovers multiple personalities. Isabella’s personalities unravel the mysteries of the killings, endangering everyone.

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