Miller’s View

In the parish of Tangipahoa sits the small, quiet town of Hammond, Louisiana. Hammond isn’t a hot spot for crime — which is why Detective Jonathan Miller is shocked by his most recent case. Miller is young and well respected among his peers, but he also recognizes cold-blooded killing when he sees it.

There are no clues, and the crime scene doesn’t make sense. He soon identifies the victim as twenty-seven-year-old Daniel Edwards. Once at Edward’s apartment, Miller finds a perfectly ordinary item with extraordinary capabilities that might help him solve the case.

As the investigation continues, Miller meets Callie St. Claire, the last person to see the victim alive. To his dismay, however, she is nowhere to be found and Miller is worried she might be victim number two. As the detective tries to make sense of his case, he uncovers secrets about Hammond he never could have seen coming, making this the most astonishing case of his career.

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