Voices Beyond the Hidden Staircase

All types of items are vanishing from the shelves of Aunt Gracie’s sundry store on the corner of Main and Mill Streets. But the kind-hearted shop owner of Mill Creek isn’t having any luck catching the thief. When Beans gets wind of the dilemma, she offers her help to Vito’s aunt and promises to solve the crime. She rounds up Booger and Vito, and together their exploration uncovers a hidden staircase, one that leads to an unbelievable encounter.

BEANS (QUINN) FAGIOLI considers herself a modern Nancy Drew with a twist. She’s a feisty red-headed teenager with a thirst for crime-stopping. After six years of traipsing from Seattle to Galveston to Steubenville, Beans and her mom have settled in unsuspecting Mill Creek, New Jersey, a quaint and quiet rural town. Here they seek a stable life, one that can heal the enduring grief from the death of their father and husband.

Having solved five mysteries in a short two months, ones that included a dognapping ring, a cold case of murder, a scary zombie, a hidden treasure and a malfunctioning mascot, Beans is hungrier than ever to find success with case number six. She enlists 9th grade boy-next-door BOOGER (BALTHAZAR) BUGEROWSKI who reluctantly helps because he’s got a crush on her. HADDIE (BOOGER’S KID SISTER), an autistic seven-year-old, gets into the act, too, along with neighbor VITO RUSAMANO (aka Beans’ black-haired Adonis), a sophomore football player by day, forensic scientist by night. Together the unique foursome plot and scheme to find success.

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