The Conundrum of the Decapitated Detective

“The Conundrum of the Decapitated Detective” is the first book in the Hugh Kerr Mystery Series. Set in the early 1950s, the series follows Hugh Kerr, a trial lawyer and Ellen Thorne, his secretary. Based on intricately developed characters and unique plot twists, the “Decapitated Detective” establishes the principals by placing Kerr and Ellen Thorne in a horrific situation: they are not only confronted with the likely death of their friend and associate, detective Jack Merrick, they are ultimately accused of his murder. Carefully putting the pieces of the crime together, they are ultimately forced to flee from the police and the perpetrator of the evil frame-up in a journey which takes them from Los Angeles to San Francisco and from there to Lodi, where they seek temporary refuse at Ellen’s childhood home before returning to L.A. Once back in the city, they are arrested and interrogated under extremely trying circumstances. Convincing the district attorney and the homicide lieutenant of their innocence uncovers a near fatal flaw in both their reasoning and that of the authorities, culminating in a desperate denouement that will have lasting consequences for Hugh as his faith in himself and the legal system is nearly shattered.

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