An Absence of Faith – Book Review

David W. Gordon served his country as a Marine, and then went on to become a teacher for Social Studies in New York. He has various titles published under his name including The Outhouse, and short stories like Memories. David has received many awards and medals for his writing – The Outhouse won the CIPA EVVY silver medal for the Best Historical Fiction.

An Absence of Faith is David’s second published novel. It’s the story of a ruthless killing that took place in Queens. The victim is a young woman. The murdered has left behind several apparent clues that this murder is just the beginning of a massive series which are to follow shortly. Investigating this case is Detective Kate Manning, who has made it her ultimate mission to hunt down this cruel beast with all her might. Along her way, she is also frustratingly trying to decode the trail of clues he has left behind. This journey isn’t easy on her willpower, she is forced to doubt everything she has ever believed – her belief in the higher power and in humanity is brought under the spotlight of confusion.

This book is many things, it holds your attention like a leech and refuses to let go. It’s that good. The author has painted a vividly graphic and aesthetically fitting picture of every single detail of all the scenes. Gordon takes the reader straight into the underbelly of the United States of America. And what better way to present that than wrapped in a vicious murder mystery? It will arguably raise many questions in the mind of anyone who opts to pick this book up. The intricately designed features of every character make them concrete and fit the premise perfectly. An Absence of Faith is disturbing, in the most entertaining and gripping way possible.

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Serious Reading Rating
95 %