Murderer’s Row: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel – Book Review

The novel ‘Murderer’s Row: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel’ is the fifth novel of the Pastor Stephen Grant Novel series written by a renowned professor, economist, entrepreneur, and novelist, Ray Keating. The book was nominated for KFUO’s BookTalk Book of the Year 2015 and Keating was named ‘a great novelist’. Keating was also a newspaper columnist in Long Island Business news and Newsday for ten years. He is an action genre writer, and is also able to incorporate thrills into his writing.

This novel is based on discovering the link between different episodic events to reach the mysterious murderer. The story revolves around liberation of a Christian family from the confinement of Islamic terrorists, a sequence of a horrific murder, an Ex Navy SEAL and CIA operative pastor, and the minor league of baseball in the New York City. Moreover, it talks about the religious struggles of the lead character. Where the religion expects a display of flawless character from within and outwardly, Grant had to deal with the knowledge of his flesh.

This novel is a fascinating read with a murder mystery, unique and exceptional characters, and wit. A review on Mr. Keating in Washington Times states, “Mr. Keating also allows you to discover how each of his characters ticks in a style and tone reminiscent of some of the best-loved books of all time.”

The story starred Stephen Grant who is a pastor with a hero complex who was stuck between two-kingdom theologies. From the spiritual struggle of Grant to solving the mystery – the book encompasses many exciting things events in it. With multiple layers and a complex plot, the novel moves forward with a smooth and even pace. The book can be read alone, but to understand the story better, you should read it with the other novels in the series.

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