Death Takes A Spin

Jill F. Brown grew up with a love of story-telling.  She created stories to enchant and amuse her friends during childhood. As she grew she branched off into mysteries with twists and turns.  It was only a matter of time before she took the leap of faith and moved on to the world of published writing.  Her first mystery is full of humor, intrigue, murder, friendship, and possibly even – some romance.

Death Takes A Spin draws us into the life of a young, energetic, but lonely lead, Evelyn Greene as she starts over in the newly blossoming village of Sandy Cove. Plunging headfirst into her new life, the life she’s always hoped for, but only recently became brave enough to grab. Moving to the seaside town of her dreams, Evelyn explores the local sights, sounds, and experiences before embarking on her new job as a reporter for the local paper.

The picturesque community is buzzing with excitement as the summer season begins to build.  The tourists are back, businesses closed during the off-season are back, and new ones are opening including “The Gingerbread Man” bakery.  But before Evelyn even has a chance to crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate her housewarming she is blind-sided by… murder!

Sandy Cove is rocked by the first murder it has had in over a decade.  Suddenly this quiet, charming town is not so quiet as bodies start popping up in unexpected places, namely the grand, ornately carved carousel housed in the seafront mall.

With the aid of some new friends and Watson, the Jack Russell Terrier, Evelyn stumbles humorously through this mystery.  Can she catch a killer before the killer catches her?

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