A Hint of Silver: A Gordan Hudde Novel – Book Review

There are only special kinds of people who can tell the gory details of death and war with accuracy. Let’s just say that Mark Hudson knows what he is talking about. Amongst all the chaos of changing professions and jobs, one thing in Hudson’s life remained constant, and that was his love for reading.

No later did he discover that maybe writing was supposed to be his true calling in life. Hudson has already published three parts of his Gordan Hudde novel and now, is all involved in writing and enjoys every second of it.

A Hint of Silver is a tale of Gordan Hudde. Hudde is not a regular person; actually, he is far from it . He is a former ranger and a CIA field operative. His job takes him away from home and to an unknown territory. However, when kids start to go missing in his own town, Hudde is approached by Sherriff Big to come help them.

Torn between the states’ obligations and his own perception, Hudde can’t make up his mind but looks like he didn’t need to because when another child disappears, his decision has already been made for him. Chasing unknown enemies and being pursued by mysterious criminals, Hudde and his team are put to the test by some of the most unforgiving challenges; losing might mean losing their life.

A Hint of Silver brings a story line that is fascinating, thrilling and horrifying. Once readers begin to read it, they will not be able to let go until they have turned the very last page.

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Serious Reading Rating
90 %