A Certain Slant of Light: A Zack Taylor Mystery by Dale T. Phillips

A Certain Slant of Light200Trapped by a final promise to a dying woman, a reluctant Zack Taylor seeks her missing grandson, a slippery con man of the art world. Zack discovers the corruption beneath the glossy exteriors, confronting murder, greed, fraud, and a host of crimes that belie the beauty of the art in which the people deal.

So begins A Certain Slant of Light, the fourth Zack Taylor novel. Set in Maine, these books showcase a different world, and contrast what is seen with what lies beneath pretty surfaces. Each title represents the theme of the book, and is taken from a work of literature. For example, in the previous book, A Shadow on the Wall, it’s the concept of Plato’s cave, where we see illusion and believe it to be reality, mixed with the shadow concepts of self and others found in the works of Jung. In A Certain Slant of Light, it’s the theme of death, and the title is a quote from Emily Dickinson, the Belle of Amherst, who had a rather fascinating fixation on death.

So the series is more than a generic shoot-em-up, there’s some heavy stuff going on behind the scenes for the careful reader. It’s “the thinking person’s action series.” If you like the Travis McGee books of John D. MacDonald, or the Spencer books of Robert B. Parker, you’ll enjoy reading about Zack Taylor.

Dale T. Phillips


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