Mayhem on Nightingale Street by Roxana Nastase

Mayhem on Nightingale Street200The first in the McNamara series introduces the Scottish chief inspector in his rush to apprehend a serial killer that blends well with the people on Nightingale Street and most of the time makes the police run in circle.

A scream wakes up everyone living on Nightingale Street and a body is found on the lawn of an older couple. That will unleash a series of events that will dig up secrets and will turn the peaceful suburban street into a living nightmare. People won’t know where or who to turn to. General mistrust accompanies the man hunt. Surprisingly, the Chief-Inspector, known to everyone as a cold man, seems to lose his mind when he meets a young woman caught in the events.

Join McNamara in his hunt and fall in love with the young woman that catches his eye. Intrigue, suspense and cynical humor, together with unique characters, create a thrilling atmosphere.

Roxana Nastase


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