TOLD RUSH “The Mysterious Life of Brett Babbitt and Billy the Kids GHOST” by Brett Babbitt

Told RushDoes that title come at your brain sideways? Have you ever heard about such a ridiculous claim? Do ghosts really exist in a brain information format? Let me give you a direct answer… YES!

I am Brett Babbitt. A routine regular guy who has NON routine dreams about dead people! Can this be true? Will anybody on earth believe such an outrageous claim?

Well, you be the JUDGE!

I am the author of TOLD RUSH because I could not believe the information coming to me when asleep. Now I kept it all TOP SECRET for nearly two decades, but it happened so often that I thought I would just share my happenings for at least entertainment fun, but maybe historical changes or additions we all have been seeking so long!

The famous gunslinger Billy the Kid and many others including Abraham Lincoln have visited me in dreams! They are showing me various items INCLUDING antique photos. Is this possible? I kept waking up laughing and telling my loving girlfriend what I just dreamed about. Then I would usually jump out of bed and write stuff as quickly as possible. Why did I do that? The main reason is, if I did not do that… I would forget the dream quickly. That is truly what happens to nearly all of us.

Now, that being said, please understand that most dreams even if forgotten always certainly remain private in someone’s life. Most people don’t say much about dreams. Might share with loved ones or friends and that’s about it. However my dreams involve historical happenings that I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Did these famous people pick me to clean up the Wild West and Civil War? All I can do is smile and share my dreams. Why do I do that you ask? Because I have been led to missing antique photos and began searching for them and surprisingly FOUND them and TRULY collected them!

Now my first book is an introductory about my claims. Only teaser photos on the cover followed by short stories of happenings throughout my life. My photo claims are slowly being released in public viewing areas like twitter or Facebook. Even videos on Youtube. SO far people are replying kindly with “That is impossible” and “That photo is a perfect match”. I truly hope to just entertain interested readers and viewers and hopefully it leads to historians taking things seriously. My dreams are 100% true because there is no possible way that my imagination could do any of this. It’s truly added information for my accepting brain.

Now a scary part! On August 14 of 2014 I had major brain surgery. A cancerous liquefied tumor was drained out of my normally healthy brain life. My only symptom was odd floating and tingling arms and legs which made me lose my balance one day at work. I called my mother and she said, “Let’s go to the ER and check things out” We did and naturally after surgery my life changed dramatically, so I became the rookie author of TOLD RUSH and figured I had better start showing things and sharing happenings and hopefully nothing like my brain issues ever happen again!

Enjoy my book of short stories and if interested check out online releases of antique photos I was led to by famous GHOSTS! All releases will be available to see and TOLD RUSH will be in the titles!

I really never thought I would release my dream and life happenings, but I have. Now we will find out if the world believes me!

TOLD RUSH was private!…. but now I’m telling YOU!

Want to hear a funny part?… We all know that Billy the Kids famous photo sold for 2.6 million dollars shocking all of us. A 2011 auction event stunned everybody! Well, in the previous years I was going to start releasing my collection of photo’s his dream ghost led me to. I had no desire to ever sell anything. Just wanted to share my collection. Then that auction happened and I froze up like you wouldn’t believe! I then got drunk thinking nobody on earth will ever believe me now!

Like I said, “Just enjoy my happenings and truly BELIEVE it or NOT!”

Brett Babbitt


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