Fragile Brilliance – Book Review

A literature teacher at Mountwest Community & Technical College by profession, Elliot Parker has written various short stories for different publications and print media. Along with that, he has authored three books including Breakdown at Clear River, Making Arrangements, and Fragile Brilliance. He is known to write stories with a police background, with simple but invigorating narratives with memorable characters.

Fragile Brilliance’s narrative revolves around Ronan McCullough, who is a police sergeant in Charleston. There is an assault case in the area involving a college student and a sports bar brawl. When Ronan tries to investigate the case, he is brutally beaten up to a near death condition by the attackers. Once he has recovered into a semi mobile condition, he starts to investigate deeper into the origins of the assailants, which is quite difficult given his traumatic mental and physical state. As he tries to strain along his personal and professional matters altogether, he faces many difficulties and almost fails at many levels. But he is persistent on finding these attackers, and giving them what they deserve. During his journey of uncovering the city’s secrets, he finds deep faults he would never have expected to have stumbled upon.

Eliot Parker has successfully created characters that are relatable, admirable, and with a strong moral code. You will find a lot of little details here that show the elaborate character building of the writer. The narrative can, however, become a bit bleak at some points. Despite the little faults in the technical are of the book, it still keeps you at the edge of your seat wanting to read more. Parker has created a combination of mystery, police drama, emotional thriller, and romance all in one.

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