Gerlinda – Book Review

Gerlinda is another artistic attempt by Emily-Jane Hills Orford, when we talk about imaginative literature. A novel that talks about a girl’s troublesome life, Gerlinda hits all the right notes of being an emotional rollercoaster of feelings, sufferings and hope. What can be said about Emily-Jane Hill Orford when her exceptional writing speaks for itself? The award-winning woman has her name on many bestsellers like F-Stop: Life in Pictures, The Whistling Bishop and To be a Duke that are themselves a testament of her genius work of art.

Ever since a little girl, Gerlinda was made to carry the weight of her whole family on her shoulders. Having a drunken and abusive man as a father, a former Nazi, who loved to leave marks on her body in the form of bruises and cuts, every inch of Gerlinda’s body depicted a painful story. Surrounded by a negligent mother and siblings she often had to take care of, she always played the role of a buffer between them and her father whenever things turned bad. If only there was some place she could elope and forget about her home, but no. The school was even worse than home. Baring the brunt of bullying, Gerlinda never felt welcomed. Despite being a misfit, mocked and taunted by insults at her school for bearing the dirtiest of clothes, Gerlinda still didn’t let anything bring her spirits down. She excelled at her class and home which made others hate her even more. If only she hadn’t decided to join the swimming team and met the kind stranger who was later going to change her life, Gerlinda too would have lived the life of an everyday poor woman, slapped hard by the cruelty of life.

Stories that will make you feel all the emotions at once; love, courage hatred, poverty, struggles, bullying, domestic abuse and other social evils, Emily-Jane’s Gerlinda beautifully portrays it all. With Gerlinda, the author has tried to voice the silent cries of kids affected by all such issues that have a devastating effect on their lives.

Truly an inspiring read that will leave the readers in tears and feel sorry for Gerlinda and all the other kids who are going through this.

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