Rent (minus) Control: Bulletproof (Volume 3) – Book Review

Rent (minus) Control: Bulletproof is another great work by Robert Brian Winters who published ‘The Other Realm’ in 2005 and after a year released ‘Blood Vengeance’. These amazing novels are a perfect representation of science fiction genre, which made Winters a household name in a matter of weeks. However, he strived to delve into other genres and to translate his passion and flare of writing into creating a real life adventure series, which he named as “a tragically hilarious sitcom”. Beginning as just a magazine column, it soon became a fan favorite. After the magazine lost the funding and stopped publishing, he turned to the publishing world and the RmC book series came into being.

The book Rent (minus) Control: Bulletproof is about Ryan who is living a life of peace and harmony, until he is jolted out of his dreamy life by a bitter realization. He faces death and it’s not just a bitter thought anymore. His former life brings him closer to death and the only thing he can do is return home to clean up the mess he created a long time ago. He plans to remain expressionless and aloof during this stressful ordeal, but no matter how much humor he uses to sugarcoat the painful realities of life, he feels each and every emotion with absolute clarity.

Fans, who have already read the other two episodes in this series, will absolutely love this volume. It is somewhat different from the other two in the series, because the author takes off his cloak of mystery and lets the readers find out who he truly is. Volume three has the same wit and humor, which has made this book series a fan-favorite. The readers will enjoy the seemingly deep meaning behind the words, which explain the boundaries of real life when they are not blurred by the glamour of media.

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