Enjoy My Misery – Book Review

This is the debut novel by James Roberts. Since the age of thirteen, he knew that he was destined to be a powerful voice for anyone who enjoyed reading and loved books. His mind was filled with deep vivid thoughts and acted as a dam for his overflowing, imaginative and creative thoughts and ideas, until he was unable to keep them restrained and words started to flow, creating one of the most amazing fiction novels that we have seen from a novice writer this year.

The story is based on James’ life. He always wanted to share his tale with the world and even though he worked in marketing and business administration, he didn’t stop working on his manuscript. He currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, where he enjoys his status as a local celebrity writer.

Enjoy My Misery: Trapped Inside My Mind, is a true story, which explains the life struggles of the author, although some fictional scenes have been added to ensure the flexibility that is required for storytelling. Maria Michaels, the protagonist has to face endless struggles since the beginning of her existence. During the story, the narrative shifts to James and Jared.

James and Maria dominate on the pages of this novel and their complicated strained mother-son relationship is what gives this novel life. The book is a tale of hardened resolve, depression, drug use, divorce and death. It explains a dual perspective of the series of unfortunate events, which test the love family members have for each other when they think everything is lost.

Readers will be greatly affected by the pain that the author must have felt during his life and then again, when he was writing this amazing novel while hiding behind fictional characters. Anyone who reads this novel will be impressed by the courage that pours out of every word. This is a tale of endurance and the terrible fate of hiding behind a mask so that the world considers you “normal”, while you are secretly dying inside, praying for someone to rescue you.

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