Shadows of the Called – Book Review

Fylesha Christie stepped into the literary world with a bang with her novel Speak! Now once again, she has come forward with a story that will touch the hearts of readers all over. She had the courage to expose the tale of darkness that many experience but are afraid to come forward with.

Shadows of the Called is a story about a 24-year old, Berry Vaughn, who has a love affair with food, especially apple pies. However, he has plunged into the world of darkness closing his emotions to the world and drowning in the world of hopelessness and sorrow. He doesn’t smile anymore. His younger brother was his companion for everything he did and since his passing a few years ago, he has lost his will to live. The bitterness has become a dominant part in his personality.

For the last couple of years, he has made the forces of destruction and the emotions of frustration his friends and allies. But one night everything changes. He wakes up in peculiar clothes and finds that he is not in his home anymore, but stranded in the middle of nowhere. He is grasping at straws trying to find a way to get out of the desert, when he notices something peculiar at the edge of the horizon and everything changes.

He returns home a changed man, smiling and acting agreeable. Lynn finds it strange that her best friend suddenly changed for the better. Although she is stubborn and head strong, her caring nature overcomes her personality when it comes to Berry. She has always wanted to bring Berry out of his bleak and anti-social stupor and now that he has come back a changed man, she doesn’t know how to react or even believe him.

Readers will enjoy the author’s acute fixation with the world of animation and gaming and the way she uses her fascination to translate her love for anything supernatural into a good story. The way she weaves the story with intricate delicacy is an engrossing experience, one that her fans will love. She believes that every person is blessed with the light of God and the only way to find it is to look inside one’s self and find the courage within.

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Serious Reading Rating
90 %