Mother’s Voice On Season’s Wind – Book Review

Henry Howard belongs to New York, but has been living in Los Angeles for about 30 years now. He owes much of his progress as a writer to a mentor he came across while an undergraduate student at the Hampshire College. The peace-activism activities that he did at college with the same mentor and professor have transcended into his writings as well. He strongly believes that words matter; which is why his writings, both fiction and poems, repeatedly touch upon subjects like human rights, peace and the innate goodness of mankind.

Mother’s Voice on Season’s Wind is a collection of poems. According to the writer’s own account, these poems are an attempt to find his inner voice, that has always been there waiting to be tapped into and explored. The poems, the writer says, are written by him but have a really strong imprint of his mother’s voice, which played an integral role in making him who he is today and letting him have confidence in himself. The poems reveal those ideals and experiences that have shaped the writer into his current position. Through a collection attempted to trigger self-realization, the writer has explored his own struggle when his parents consistently believed in his ability and his inner voice.

For people struggling to find their muse and finding it hard to discover what it is that drives them and encourages them to reach their full potential; this collection is a highly recommended read. It compels the reader to push their own boundaries and do the effort required to live a life of full potential and goodness they are destined for. The poems not only have a feel-good element to them, but the power to force them into thinking and doing; channeling all energies at their disposal to do what they have always wanted to the whole time.

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