The Earth Breaks in Colors – Book Review

The Earth Breaks In Colors is written by Patti Davis and is a beautiful tale that covers racism, hope, love, family, friendship and strength.

The book is about Whisper and Odelia, both eleven years of age and the refuge they get from their friendship. When an incident fueled by racism occurs, the foundations of families and friendship are shaken, and this causes more damage than the earthquake which creates a geographical boundary between people who were once very close to each other.

This is a beautiful coming of age story that allows the reader to see how racism can break the innocence of young years, and how beautiful friendship is before it is tainted with prejudice. For fair-skinned Whisper and dark-skinned Odelia, there was nothing more important than the love they had for each other and their families. They valued the support they had from each other when dealing with their family problems – a mother who has returned from rehab and a brother who has mysteriously disappeared.

As the they start looking at the world they knew with a different perspective, a turn of events brings the two girls to work together along with a hero, an old woman and an heirloom, to find their families and their innocence among the damage caused by the earthquake, and racial hatred.

The author possesses the magic of transforming the words written in prose to build on a poetic effect. The Earth breaks in Colors will make you think, but more importantly, it will make you feel the magic that flowed from the author’s pen. This is one of the most inspiring reads you will ever come across and is a must read for all who love the coming-of-age drama and literature that comes straight from the heart.

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