Journey To The Poetic Light – Book Review

Journey To The Poetic Light is an engaging collection of poems that the author, Nolan P. Holloway, uses to express his life and what he goes through on a daily basis. He started scribing poems in 2010 and has never looked back since then. Already, he has successfully managed to write and publish two books, and is currently working on the third one.

Unlike other similar books in the market, the main character in this book is the author. He uses the poems to describe his life to the readers. The book will take you on an amazing poetic journey that will give you a clearer picture of the author and his personality. Some of the main topics that the poems focus on include life decisions, nature, relationships, spirituality, and loss. As you read them, you will get gold worthy tips and ideas on how to deal with certain issues in your life such as marriage. One of the best poems in this book is titled “Time between Scribes”. It describes the vicissitudes that one goes through at different stages of life.

The Journey to the Poetic Light is a phenomenon book that you will surely enjoy reading. The poetic writing style and imagery used by the author to write the poems will engross your attention and lure you to read all the poems in one or two sittings. One of the highlights of this book is that each poem is a reflection of the author’s soul and thoughts. After reading it, you will get some crucial tips and ideas that you can use to achieve your life goals and objectives.

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