Pride – Book Review

Pride is the first book of the Masked Ambition series written by Cole Patterson who is an aspiring novelist and an entrepreneur. He is also a freelance business coach and he writes stories to seek fulfillment and balance.

The story revolves around John, who is the narrator of this blazingly clever novel. He is also known as Primo, and it is clear that he is driven by his ego. As his ego narrates the story, readers get to witness him bear poverty at childhood and see him graduate from a high ranked institution. He keeps on feeding his ego during this tough period of his life and takes pride in the achievements he has accomplished to escape his terrible conditions. And from the perspective of his own ego that the reader gets to see John fall in love, face the biggest heart break of his life, and become an expert womanizer.

John is an extremely determined character – rebellious, focused, scheming, and shameless –and he will do whatever it takes to get him where he wants to be. And this is what makes John’s character so interesting – the fact that he is actually being described by his ego and the struggle to turn his dreams into reality. It is a very practical tale of the rise of John’s pride and his eventual humbling.

There is a lot to be learned from John’s story.  Readers look at how an ego is shaped and understand John’s struggles to be successful. Pride is perhaps one of the most inspiring stories to help readers realize what it takes to achieve the American notion of success as there is some critical life advice that will help you improve your emotional and mental intelligence. No page of the book is without some sort of wisdom, and with John’s example, you will know how to handle the toughest life has to offer.

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Serious Reading Rating
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