PK: Preacher’s Kid – Book Review

PK: Preacher’s Kid by Samuel Omega Salt depicts his experience with serious life issues such as dyslexia, miracles, death, sex, love and religion. The author has beautifully constructed this exemplary work of non-fiction in which he targets the most mind-compelling issues that threaten to expose us to the reality of life and have the power to change our mind and life forever.  Samuel Omega Salt’s father was a preacher and his upbringing in a religious household fashioned strong beliefs and faith in God. The strong religious foundation of Samuel’s life gave him the courage and ability to write this book.

PK: Preacher’s Kid is about Zachariah, who is conflicted with personal struggles, which are highlighted ever more so by his athletic achievements. His achievement opens doors for him and he is embraced by the society with open arms. He accepts his luck and fame in stride and embraces his newfound success like a champion. What follows after is a series of affairs and meaningless relationships, which include the university president’s daughter, the police chief’s wife, and an IRS agent.

He is so encapsulated in the pleasures of life that he dismisses the notion of his failed marriage and doesn’t allow it to bring him down. His disgraceful habits shamed his family but he cares little for them. His actions bring his father’s ministry down and disperse the congregation. When everything around him starts to fall apart, he struggles to find the true purpose in life again and the will and countenance to survive. He starts seeing beyond his own selfish life and then something happens which changes his whole life and affirms his belief in God and His miracles.

Readers will find this inspiring book to be a great read. It will help them gain a true perspective into the life of people, who gain peace, serenity and a purpose in life, which is rooted in the heart of faith and belief in God.

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