Steering to Freedom – Book Review

Patrick Gabridge’s Steering to Freedom is a story about Robert Smalls; a slave himself and the captain of a ship named Planter in South Carolina. He devises a plan to ensure his freedom and that of his family and friends by piloting the ship out of the Charleston harbor in 1862. This is an account of the true story of Robert Smalls, who went on to be the first black captain of a United States warship.

Gabridge has perfectly spun a tale which is not only captivating and nail-biting but also inspirational and motivational for people who are considering being a part of social activism. The story of Robert Small gives the powerful message that in order to achieve great things, sacrifice, courage, love and selflessness need to be cultivated. Only people who are driven by a motivation, as strong as love or the struggle for survival, make it to their destination and succeed in becoming what they aspire to be.

This book follows the adventures and struggles of the civil war hero, Robert Smalls, who risks his life in an attempt to escape slavery. He is driven by the love for his family, his wife and children, as well as his friends and crew. This book narrates an account of the Civil War from the perspective of people who gave their lives for freedom and is a must-read for all you History majors out there.

It is no doubt a page turner and you will be hooked till the end. The events of history unfold right before your eyes and you can easily feel the anxiety, fear, and desperation of the heroic characters for the people they love and care about.

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