The Rainbow After The Storm – Book Review

The Rainbow After The Storm is an inspirational novel by Tammy Adele Law. An entrepreneur/teacher by profession, she is also a published poet, novelist and a short story author. Using her distinct goals, Law has inspired many individuals. Furthermore, she has made an appearance on radio and solved the problems of many people from around the world. To date, Adele Law has written only one book which is The Rainbow after the Storm. The Rainbow after the Storm is a book that looks to inspire everyone who faces a challenge.

The story takes inspiration from the life of the author. At times, the book offers a cinematic experience without drifting too far away from reality. The book is honest and brutal rather than showy or preachy. It looks to inspire readers by reenacting real life events rather than adding unnecessary fiction to it.

The book is extremely well written and you will find it hard to put it down. If you’re a woman or a girl, you’ll surely fall in love with the Prince Charming in this book. It will make you cry and laugh, as it has a personal and intimate story. Writing a story in a manner chosen by the writer is never easy. If you’re looking for an uplifting and feel good book then you won’t find any better than The Rainbow after the Storm.

Overall, The Rainbow after the Storm is an eye opening and inspirational book. This book is amazingly well written, and for this reason, it is highly recommend that you to read it.

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