Paradise City – Book Review

Paradise City is a fiction novel by Dave Matthes. Born in South Jersey, Dave Matthes is the writer of several fiction and nonfiction novels. He has always had a desire to be different and this desire is evident in his writings. For his writings, Matthes chooses those subjects that either give him joy or put him into self-questioning mode. Entertainment isn’t the only purpose he looks to serve through his novels. He also looks to provide people with a brutal and honest insight of the subject at hand.

To date, Dave Matthes has written eight different novels, including Paradise City. Paradise City is the story about a teenage boy named Arlo Smith and his journey towards becoming a soulless nothing.

Paradise City talks about Arlo, a young high school student, who is going through his fair share of the average teenage things and also the not-so-average teenage things. The book gives an account of the things that forced Arlo to become the man he is in “bar nights”. It talks about all the circumstances that caused him to change from an average teenage to a broken man.

Arlo’s late adolescence and the issues confronted by him such as intoxication, abandonment, and abuse are what this book highlights. The way Matthes highlights these things makes them both engaging and relatable.

Paradise City is an amazing descriptive story that pulls you right into the mix of things. The book is so well narrated that at times one feels like an actual part of the book. The ending is likely to infuriate you and excite you at the same time. The story of Paradise City is like a rollercoaster ride and this is the reason you will love reading it. This book is definitely worth a read.

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