Because – Book review

The passion of storytelling made him produce one of the most remarkable novels, and with that as a start, Jack A. Langedijk seems to have a bright future ahead of him. On the path to self discovery and working towards building a better society through workshops on leadership and carious sessions where he listened to people of intellect from all levels, Langedijk has been working with all his might and with the skills he has.

‘Because’ is a story of adventure, life and family love. And how a person may or may not be able to keep it all together, forever. Robert Sanchez has a picture perfect life.  The blessings that he has been bestowed with are everything a man ever wants; a beautiful wife, lovely daughter, and a functional career. Life seems to be a smooth journey for him until everything tumbles down to a crucial stage where it seems like everything is at risk, perhaps his world too.

What happens when a tragic accident changes the entire course of life? What happens when misery and a state of despair choose to engulf you, and everything you ever took pride in, is on the verge of being shattered into pieces? The dream life one has always imagined isn’t always what one gets, and even if one does get all of it, things might not be smoothly running forever.

Robert Sanchez is a character many could relate to; it emerges from the life of a common man, issues what anyone would face in an ordinary life, and is aimed at chasing dreams and fulfilling ambitions. Sometimes, you can’t even help your own self let alone the falling marriage, shattering career and all what once brought immense joy to the heart. What would Robert Sanchez choose to do? What path would be the chosen one to come out of the greatest of challenges and obstacles?

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Serious Reading Rating
93 %