Catching Dreams – Book Review

It is inspiring authors like Kaylynn Hunt who show that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. A Detroit native, contrary to her main protagonist Savannah, she got married at an early age of 23, and by the time she was divorced at 28, she had three children to feed and support. Being brought up sharing her stories with close friends and families since middle school, she decided it was time to put her true skills to work. With an insatiable passion for writing, she is one of those aspiring writers who are just beginning to unveil their exceptional writing skills. Her art to bring paper to life is one that is most commendable by her fans. As of today, the writer enjoys her time living in the suburban Metropolitan Detroit in the embrace of her close friend and loved ones.

Holding the imagination of her readers hostage, Kaylynn is back with a bang with her new thriller Catching Dreams (After the Vengeance). Kaylynn has brought back her most anticipated character, sassy and super sexy, Savannah to take the centre stage.

Like every other rebellious middle-aged woman, Savannah is too “I live by my rules” sort. But her ever-chanted mantra “Never to be tied down” soon comes to get the best of her. This time she is compelled to show her softer side despite all the pain and heartbreaks she has been through in the other “Love with a Vengeance” book. She has finally found peace with herself and her newly-found appreciation for life is just beginning to show when she stumbles back on some past experiences she had tied to understand but couldn’t, only to find out that “everybody knew about it expect her”.

She was happily enjoying her single life until she was captured by her stalker Casanova. Before she felt so helpless, lying comatose, the world had been under her feet. But now she can’t run from what lies ahead. Awaiting all those triumphs is a tragedy. She is faced with circumstances that once again demand her to prove her strength.

Does another triumph waits Savannah or will she no longer be able to hold on to her sanity this time?

Full of relatable dialogues, swooning romance and intimacy, breath-stopping cliffhangers, Catching Dreams will leave all the readers salivating for more. Kaylynn takes all her readers on a ride carefully scripted by each pen stroke, engaging them with an equally enjoyable, fast-paced, and saucy thriller.

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Serious Reading Rating
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