The author of the popular books Document and Cloudbreak returns with a diverse new collection of fiction, perspectives, and memoir. The wide subject matter cuts a broad path through public service, the criminal justice system, military service, sports, travel, outdoor pursuits, national security, self-awareness, and – appropriately enough – the craft of writing. A writer who defies easy labeling and cannot be pigeonholed, Hines is a former military and federal prosecutor and judge who asks serious questions about the priorities of our criminal justice system and why people with little to no experience are put in charge of such an important mission. He’s a former Division One football player, member of a championship team, and son of an NFL All-Pro who asks pointed questions about why we as a society act concerned about the head-trauma crisis in football while still continuing to watch every fall weekend, much like the Romans once did the gladiator games. He is a Marine veteran of Iraq and the Global War on Terror who asks why America is so out of touch with its veterans. He is a defender of Constitutional rights who – although he has spent significant time in a combat zone – questions why American society is so obsessed with guns, especially when the overwhelming majority of us have never had to employ them against another human being. This man has a significant set of life experiences relevant to modern times. You might not agree with everything he says, but your own positions and arguments will be better informed. The third and final installment of a trilogy, Crossroads is another bold effort by an up-and-coming contemporary writer that covers a deep variety of current issues and is an engrossing read that will draw you in until you finish the final page.

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