My Brother’s Hands – Book Review

Paul Barile has an extensive history when it comes to amazing stories with his literary creations. However, My Brother’s Hands is his first novel. He has a successful background in writing plays for the Chicago theatre and music scene for about forty years. Isn’t that a long while?

He has published many plays in Arizona, Brooklyn, and London. Paul is not only a writer, but an actor, musician, educator, and a tour guide. It’s evident that he is a man of diverse interests. Resident of Chicago/Berwyn, he has written short stories, poems, and over thirty plays. “I’m 13”, his monologue, was especially featured to be published in the Best Contemporary Monologues for kids aged 7-15.

Set in Orton’s Cove, My Brother’s Hands is the tale of Peter Campbell, who has always lived the average life – it’s what he aimed for. He seemed to be quite alright with the way his life progressed forward. It wasn’t until one night in the movie theater that changed his life forever. It was dark, mysterious, and he stumbles upon his pyrotechnic stigmata. This strange breakthrough takes him through a variety of phenomena – honest carnies, tenors, shyster preachers to name a few. But above all, he comes across the love of his existence: Tennessee Tornado.

He keeps expecting his marvelous discovery to disappear any second, but it does not. Finally, he makes the decision to join a revival tent circuit, which consists of two preachers. They had ulterior, and meant to take advantage of his newly found and unique set of talents.

It’s a coming of age story of Peter Campbell, who goes through self discovery via unusual ways and experiences. Paul Barile has shown his excellent command over the language in the book to create a fantastic world in a manner that it’s believable.

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