Another Ocean to Cross

Munich, Germany, 1938: Talented Jewish teen artist and secret activist, Renata Lowenthal, convinces her reluctant parents that they must leave, after she is beaten by Nazi police. Her father, Karl, a doctor no longer allowed to practice, and Lea, her mother, suffering from the loss of a child years before, decide to head to Palestine.

After a hazardous journey, and a frightening separation, they find themselves in a refugee camp in Egypt.

Renata gets her parents out of the camp, using her ingenuity and artistic talent, and they settle in Alexandria, the headquarters of the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet. But war’s tentacles reach to Egypt, and once again, the family is in danger, with nowhere to go.

Lea urges Renata to find a husband among the Allied sailors, so they can move to a safe country such as Canada or America.

Raymond Stern, a Canadian officer, meets Renata at a party. After a steamy courtship, they marry, before Raymond is sent to war. After the birth of their child, she receives distressing news about her husband, and is faced with an agonizing decision that will have repercussions many years into the future.

Determined to keep her family together, Renata, alone and constantly in danger, must dig into the depths of her being to find a resourcefulness and courage she never knew she had. And in the end, she discovers who she is.

If you liked The Nightingale, Lilac Girls, and Sand and Glass, you will enjoy Another Ocean to Cross.

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