Stardust and Fire: Tales of a Hopeful Romantic – Book Review

Tracy Seiden entered the literary world with his first book titled Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic. Currently residing in Dallas, Tracy grew up in the suburbs of Midwest as an only child. Living in the middle of provided adequate food for her imagination to grow and run wild among the tall trees. Her passion for writing wasn’t something she was born with, but she had always been fascinated by deep conversations with friends and family. She eventually found her way into writing her first novel.

This book is a glorious collection of poems and poetry Tracy has written over the past few years, sitting by the lake, having conversations with nature and herself. If one skims through the contents of the book, you will see why it was appropriately named Tales of a Hopeful Romantic, as it begins with Childhood Forever and ends with First Kiss. As the poems move forward, a pattern can be apparently noticed – it’s a tale of love, loss, and then finding yourself through the pain and hope.

Tracy has intertwined age old concepts of love, and the innocence of childhood so beautifully that one can’t help but get thoroughly weaved into the web of tales as they progress. Her words are enchanting and her way of writing evokes many emotions in the reader’s soul. There are descriptions in this book that you will rarely find anywhere else. It appeals directly to the lover residing in one’s heart.

You will find little pieces of her own life experiences among her words which will inspire to discover your own muse. It’s a book the reader is bound to enjoy without regrets. And it’s a must read for every secret romantic, you will find a breath of liberating fresh air through her words.

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Serious Reading Rating
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